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Mercenaries Blaze: Dawn of the Twin Dragons is a tactical RPG from Rideon and is the 5th "Mercenaries" title. Experience a lengthy and challenging story campaign, an enthralling tale full of emotive writing, plot twists and high stakes moments. Grow with your team by clearing strategic turn-based battles, with many optional missions and details to consider – which class will you upgrade for each character, and what equipment or skills will you prioritize?

• Experience an amazing story with two distinct paths and a diverse cast of characters.

• Lots of optional battles that allow you to see more of the world and level up your team.

• 3D Battle Maps, giving greater control and depth in strategic play.

• Use Blaze Exceed, a key power that can turn the tide of battle.

• Incredible depth beyond battles, as you carefully manage equipment, skills and classes for your team.