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Moving underground, climbing huge walls and soaring the skies, there’s no place our hero can’t reach! Travelling with Cannon Lines, Molty will need to overcome the most complicated challenges to reach Carrotland‘s furthest mailboxes: bottomless pits, quicksands, avalanches, floating platforms, sharp spikes... a tough road. But when the power is out, you can’t send an email!


  • Explore more than 30 levels full of challenges.
  • Collect carrots and buy suits for Molty at Rick’s shop.
  • Find all the collectables hidden around Carrotland.
  • Run against the rapid MechaMoles and beat them in a sprint race.
  • Explore amazing worlds, make newfriends, and solve puzzles.
  • Compete against MechaMoles, find collectibles, and embark on an epic adventure.