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Yakuza 2 - PS2

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Yakuza 2™ plunges players into the violent Japanese underworld once more. In intense brutal clashes with rival gangs, the police, and the Korean mafia, players will have even more opportunities to dole out punishment with an improved fighting engine. As the heroic Kazuma Kiryu from the original Yakuza, players will explore Osaka and Tokyo and delve deeper into the continuing mystery in over 16 complex, cinematic chapters created by Hase Seishu, the famous Japanese author who also wrote the first storyline. Endless conflicts and surprise plot twists throw players into a dark shadowy world where only the strongest will survive.


*Authentic, cinematic sequel. The gritty, genuine portrayal of life in the Yakuza is made more realistic throughout 16 gripping chapters with a return to the original Japanese voice cast and English subtitles.

*Twice as much to explore. There is now more to see and do than ever before in the hugely expanded world of the Yakuza. Players will visit bowling alleys and driving ranges, as well as cabarets and bars, all licensed from actual Japanese establishments.

*A vibrant, true-to-life world. Like the real Yakuza, players must ingrain themselves in the authentic, neon-lit adult playgrounds of Tokyo and Osaka and become regulars at nightclubs, hostess clubs, restaurants and stores to gain access to secret services and uncover tips.

*Brutal hand-to-hand brawling. An improved fighting engine allows players to fight numerous enemies at once with less load times and smoother camera angles. Experience Points earned from brawls will help build up strength, stamina and fighting techniques.

*The intensity of battle is raised. By stringing together a combination of fighting moves, players can take out multiple enemies simultaneously. Objects in the environment can be used as weapons and context-sensitive Heat moves, like throwing foes down the stairs or off a balcony, will give players the upper hand in battle.