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Languages : English, Portuguese - Brazil
Quantity : 999 copies
Genre : Action, Adventure, Casual, Indie

Please note that the game is limited to 3 copies per customer, thank you.

Milli&Greg is a challenging platformer about a love story between a girl, Milli, and her cat named Greg. Greg has gone missing and it’s up to Milli to find him throughout the levels. The game contains more than 100 hand-made stages filled with obstacles that Milli will have to overcome.

Milli&Greg is an Arcade platformer based on classic gameplay mechanics such as jumping, sliding and dashing. However, the addition of a physics-based feature that alters the gravity pull during levels make for a more challenging experience than expected.


  • More than 100 hand-made stages
  • Challenges that are both insane and rewarding
  • Simple controls
  • Physics-based gameplay mechanics