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Azure Striker Gunvolt 3 - Nintendo Switch [LIMITED RUN]

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In the near future, humanity awoke to a new power known as "Septima." Humans with this power became known as "Adepts," and steadily increased in number as new Adepts were born.

  • The thrilling near-future dystopian story plays out in real-time with "Story Mode+"!
  • Satisfying swordplay meets light-speed superpowers - New star Kirin is a skilled with a blade, focusing on quick sword fighting and throwing enchanted talismans to weaken enemies.
  • New songs from "The Muse" Lumen heat up the battle - Put on a show with your gameplay to earn "Kudos" points and the virtual pop idol Lumen will start a performance of her own! Gunvolt’s own "Muse" will appear and sing for Kirin and Gunvolt, rousing their fighting spirits while replacing the stage track with a vocal pop song!