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Syberia Collection [THQ NORDIC VARIANT] - PS3

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Syberia Collection is the collection of two renowned adventure games, Syberia and Syberia II, that tests the players' skills in unfolding completely integrated, original puzzles filled with exciting adventures in the mythical island of Syberia. It follows the original and captivating storyline with rich and intriguing new characters set in a new, realistically detailed 3D environment!

Find unique worlds, endearing characters and challenging puzzles in Syberia! Follow the American Lawyer - Kate Walker, as she go through a journey to close a deal with the turnover of Automaton factory owned by Anna Voralberg. Since Anna is dead, Kate's mission is to track down Hans Voralberg, the genius inventor and Anna's brother. So Kate sets a voyage from Western Europe to the far reaches of Eastern Russia, where she encounters a host of incredible characters and locations. Little that she knows, this mission will put all she values in question and the deal she sets out to accomplish turned into a pact with fate.

Syberia II is the sequel of Syberia and is the continuation of Kate Walker's destiny in her exciting and mysterious voyage on the island of Syberia. Introducing a more realistic character animation, Syberia II promises players to have a challenging, puzzle-solving game experience better than before. After the successful turn over of the Automaton Factory with Hans Voralberg, Kate sets a new bunch of journey with the genius inventor to fulfill Hans' dream and that is to ride in the living myth of Syberia, the mammoths. But before reaching Syberia, Kate and Hans must surpass all the obstacles that comes in their way, as well as the antagonists that tries to make their journey a failure!

  • Original and captivating storyline!
  • Rich and intriguing new characters with new, realistically detailed 3D environments.
  • Completely integrated, original puzzles that test the player's skill throughout the game.
  • An amazing original soundtrack!