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Bleeding Edge - XBOX ONE

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Gang up and wreak havoc on your enemies in Bleeding Edge for Xbox One. Select a fighter from a large cast of unique characters that suit your fighting style and upgrade their weapons and skills to dominate the battle ground. Unleash deadly combos with your teammate and take advantage of the environment to bring down your opponents.

Xbox One X Enhanced

  • This game is specially designed to utilise the full potential of Xbox One X; this may include enhanced textures, faster load times, steadier framerates, and up to 4K resolution with a compatible TV

Bleeding Edge

  • Tag along your friends and tear up your opponents as powerful brawlers tuned for battle with enhanced weapons and abilities
  • Engage in deadly combat with your trusted pals by your side in the intense 8-player online mode
  • Choose from a huge cast of heavily armed characters such as Buttercup with her detachable saw blade arms, Nidhoggr with his electrifying guitar, Daemon with his deadly blade, and more
  • Defeat your enemies with stunning powers like time freeze, mind control, electrifying guitar solos, and more
  • Get creative with the hazards of the arena like throwing your opponents into high voltage electric fence, lead them against oncoming trains, trap foes inside Maeve's magical cage, and more
  • Upgrade your fighters' weapons and abilities from the arsenal of cybernetic parts to get stronger
  • Note: Game requires Xbox Live Gold on Xbox consoles, membership sold separately