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Inked : A Tale of Love SWITCH + Notebook - SWITCH [RED ART GAMES]

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Languages : English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Polish, Russian
Quantity : 2900 copies
Genre : Hand-Drawn, Casual, Puzzle, Adventure

All pre-orders will receive an exclusive A6 notebook. The game will have a reversible cover. Please note that the game is limited to 3 copies per customer, thank you.

Inked is a tale of love and hope told in ink and paper. In this story-driven puzzle game, the  players will play as the Nameless Hero who sets out on a journey in a vast and beautiful  landscape filled with puzzles for them to solve. Each puzzle takes the players closer to their lost  love, unraveling a story that's heart-warming and enchanting.  

• Beautiful and immersive setting solely based on minimalist ballpoint drawings  

• A story that will touch your soul  

• Puzzle to make your journey eventful and to be solved on your controller