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Needy Girl Overdose is a "multi-ending ADV" depicting daily life with "OMGkawaiiAngel", a young girl with a rather extreme need for approval attempting to become the #1 "Internet Angel" (streamer). Gradually build up OMGkawaiiAngel’s number of followers as she spends her days streaming, using various "stress relievers", and generally being kinda messed up. Experience all the different crazy ups and downs and find out for yourself whether this story is even capable of having a happy ending.


  • Players decide what she will do each day and try to acquire 1 million followers for "OMGkawaiiAngel" within 30-days
  • Streaming will increase followers. You need a "topic" or "theme" to talk about to stream. Discover various "topics" in your daily life with her and stream away
  • Depending on the action you take, the endings will change
  • The game auto-saves each day, so you can start over from anywhere at any time
  • Try to find your ideal ending while you live the doom over and over again
Language  Japanese, English, Simplified Chinese, Korean, Traditional Chinese
Genre  Adventure