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Set in a parallel universe, the Earth and humanity have prospered enough to expand space colonies all the way into the arm of Orion in RayStorm. To maintain security, Earth
imposes martial law, but a federation of colonies led by the colony of Secilia overthrows
the Earth’s government and plans to obliterate the planet and all the people on it. To
counter this, Earth sends out a covertly-developed fighter codenamed the R-Gray in hopes of penetrating the Secilian atmosphere and obliterating Secilia’s base of operations, the Juda Central System.

RayCrisis is set in a cyberspace environment and marked a style departure from the rest
of the series. It details the events during which the supercomputer called Con-Human
gained sentience and rebelled against its human creators. While the Earth is demolished
to be remade as Con-Human’s new corporeal form, a mecha-neurologist launches a
desperate assault to jack into the supercomputer’s virtual core and cease its insanity. It is up to you to pilot the Waverider viruses and keep the malicious AI from causing any more chaos - even if it could be too late, you must ensure that no more lives are lost in the real world by stopping Con-Human in the digital realm.

Key Features

  • TWO VERSIONS: Gameplay focusing on the lock-on laser and challenging bosses, contains both the original arcade versions and the new HD versions of RayStorm and RayCrisis, making a total of four games included.
  • ATMOSPHERE: Landscapes in 3D polygons, a striking art style and a level design with wonderful colors that engage the story perfectly! Matching music composed by Taito's legendary sound team ZUNTATA.
  • STRATEGY: Choose from a diverse selection of impressive ships, each with their own amazing abilities that can be strategically used to defend planet Earth.
  • KNOW YOUR ENEMIES: Target your enemies and skillfully defeat mankind's greatest threat, the Con-Human! With high replay value thanks to challenging boss fights and intricate levels!
  • HERO OF HISTORY: Defeat the greatest threat to humanity by proving your shooting skills and fighting your way through intricate levels and boss battles that are indefatigably trying to prevent you from ultimately saving the Earth.