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Zero Tolerance was one of the earliest first-person titles ever released on Sega Mega Drive and Genesis and is set in a futuristic world where the universe is swarmed by all possible kinds of evil aliens. As highly skilled member of the Zero Tolerance team, you get called to repel the aliens’ invasion and protect mankind from the enemy.

  • Fight back the aliens’ attack on the spaceship Europe-1 and repel their invasion on earth in Zero Tolerance.
  • Hunt down the invaders on a subway mission in the never before released sequel Zero Tolerance Underground
  • Play through Zero Tolerance or Zero Tolerance Underground to unlock Beyond Zero Tolerance where you defeat the alien enemies on their home planet


  • Dive into Zero Tolerance with one of 5 characters to choose from, each coming with a different set of gear and specialties
  • Collect weapons and equipment like a shotgun, a flamethrower or a rocket launcher to complete your versatile arsenal
  • Master several Colourful and complex levels spanning over different areas
  • Choose your way to play! Kill all the enemies to enable checkpoints or rush through the levels if you want the thrill