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Take on the role of Hiyori Sena, a high school sophomore who has been abducted by a masked figure. Trapped in the mysterious world of Arcadia with nine others, she is forced by her captor to act in dramas alongside the other abductees. To make matters worse, there's a traitor among the costars! Love blooms on and off stage in this dramatic search for truth and romance. Who can you trust? Originally released for the PlayStation Vita only in Japan, the eccentric cast returns to the stage on the Nintendo Switch! Fans can experience this otome title officially
localized for the first time in North America.
• Take the stage with 9 romanceable costars –
Looking for someone to practice lines with? There are 9 potential love interests. But with a traitor on the loose, who can you really trust? Make the right choice to take part in a total of up to 9 routes.
• Flip the script and navigate your choices –
Select your position in the story as you
progress and keep track of where stories branch off with a handy Flowchart feature. Don't miss any part of the drama.
• Look out for the traitor! Who can it be? –
Work together with your costars to
uncover clues and deepen your relationship with your love interests. You might even bring out some repressed feelings from your costars! But keep an eye out for anything suspicious.
• Cue the music –
Set the tone of the scene with a standout soundtrack from
renowned music collective Tokyo Logic. Unlock tracks to listen to on the music player as you progress.
• Languages & more -
English in-game text and Japanese in-game voice. Game
package includes reversible cover sleeve.