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Clash of the Titans - 360 (sold out)

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Clash of the Titans is an action-adventure game pairing to the theatrical release of the same name, slated for a March 2010 debut. Featuring a thematic setting based on Greek Mythology and a story entwining the ""War of Hades"" the game delivers an intense world of Dark Fantasy. Gameplay standout features the ability to acquire and use enemy weapon to advance and defeat opponents, as well as challenging boss battles and faithful reproduction of scenes out of the movie .


    Fast-action, iconic Gameplay

      ""Take your enemies power and make it your own""

        Steal soul energy from enemies to power attacks
        Defeat enemies and upgrade stolen powers to slaughter more powerful
        foes & bosses
        Over 20 character upgrades available

    ""Re-invention"" and update of a legendary story and characters (1981 Film)

      Dark-Fantasy based on Greek mythology: Perseus, Hades, Zeus

    Mythological Enemies & Foes

      Signature enemies uniquely define Clash of the Titans:

        Hydra, Centaurs, Succubus, Cyclops, Kraken ~ Over 80 enemies in total

    Multiple Modes of Play

      Storyline mode: Rediscover the plot of the movie
      Quest mode: Undertake new missions and adventures beyond the movie

    Explore a vast and mythical underworld

      World of Hades: 12+ environments: citadels, wastelands, labyrinths, Mt.