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Crimson Gem Saga - PSP

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Crimson Gem Saga is all about the fundamentals of RPG fun: lush hand-drawn visuals, an engaging fantasy tale, and an easy-to-use interface. That’s not to leave out the fast, turn-based combat, ambush attacks, combo chains, and special attacks involving multiple party members. And you certainly would not want to overlook the stellar musical score and voice work. In fact, compared to the Korean and Japanese eleases, there are over 500 more lines of recorded voice just for the North American release.


• Return to essential RPG fun—Remember what made RPGs simply fun experiences, and you’ll find it here. Easy to pick up and play with a full package of addictive combat, beautiful graphics, interesting story, and fantastic voice work, this is a title that will charm genre newbies and veteran players alike.

• Awesome combo-filled combat—This is turn-based RPG combat at its most fun. Attack your enemies before they attack you, and gain the advantage of the first hit in battle. Master the Critical Combo System to deliver multiple hits and deliver major damage to an enemy. Team up with allies to unleash massive dual, triple, or full-team attacks.

• Distinctively beautiful 2-D world—Vibrant, colorful, and distinctive, this is a world that will draw and keep you inside the fantasy. Detailed character portraits and fluid, beautiful sprites further make this a treat for the eyes.

• A far superior sequel—Forget what you know about the series because this is a totally new experience. With a complete graphical facelift, a brand new story and cast, and newly polished combat, this is a game that blows right past its predecessor..