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Dishonored Game of the Year Edition - 360 (In stock usually ships within 24 to 72 hrs)

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Dishonored is an immersive first-person action game
that casts you as a supernatural assassin driven by revenge. With Dishonored's
flexible combat system, creatively eliminate your targets as you combine the
supernatural abilities, weapons and unusual gadgets at your disposal. Pursue
your enemies under the cover of darkness or ruthlessly attack them head on with
weapons drawn. The outcome of each mission plays out based on the choices you


Improvise and Innovate - Approach each assassination with
your own style of play. Use shadow and sound to your advantage to make your
way silently through levels unseen by foes, or attack enemies head-on as they
respond to your aggression. The flexible combat system allows you to
creatively combine your abilities, supernatural powers and gadgets as you make
your way through the levels and dispatch your targets. Improvise and innovate
to define your play style.

Action with Meaning - The world of Dishonored reacts to
how you play. Move like a ghost and resist corruption, or show no mercy and
leave a path of destruction in your wake. Decide your approach for each
mission, and the outcomes will change as a result.

Supernatural Abilities - Teleport for stealth approaches,
possess any living creature, or stop time itself to orchestrate unearthly
executions! Combining your suite of supernatural abilities and weapons opens
up even more ways to overcome obstacles and eliminate targets. The game's
upgrade system allows for the mastery of deadly new abilities and devious

A City Unlike Any Other - Enter an original world
envisioned by Half-Life 2 art director Viktor Antonov. Arkane and Bethesda
bring you a steampunk city where industry and the supernatural collide,
creating an atmosphere thick with intrigue. The world is yours to discover.

Game of the Year Content

The Knife of Dunwall - In The Knife of Dunwall, take on
the role of Daud, the legendary assassin who killed the Empress. After
assassinating the Empress, and forever changing the fate of Dunwall, you
embark on a search for redemption. Gain access to Daud's new weapons, gadgets
and supernatural abilities as you traverse through parts of Dunwall yet
unseen, including the city's whaling center, Rothwild Slaughterhouse, and the
heavily guarded Legal District.

The Brigmore Witches - Continue your journey as the
legendary assassin, Daud, in The Brigmore Witches. This conclusion to Daud's
story will put you at odds with warring gang factions and the dangerous
Brigmore witch coven. Journey through undiscovered locales within Dunwall,
including Drapers Ward and the Brigmore Manor, where you will be met with
supernatural forces that test the limits of your new weapons and abilities.

Dunwall City Trials - In Dunwall City Trials, experience
Dishonored's flexible combat system, stealth gameplay, and distinct settings
in a whole new way as you make your way through 10 distinct maps that feature
a variety of challenges. Put your stealth, combat and mobility skills to the
test as you clear demanding objectives, unlock new achievements and secrets,
and climb up the global online leaderboards.

Void Walker's Arsenal - With the Void Walker's Arsenal
add-on pack, gain access to four content bundles previously available only
through pre-ordering Dishonored. These bundles offer unique character bonuses,
additional bone charm slots and more.