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Endless Ocean Luminous - Nintendo Switch

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Dive in and survey a mysterious underwater world. Take a deep breath and plunge into the Veiled Sea: an unexplored region with discoveries that change with each dive. Encounter and learn about over 500 species of marine life—some of which are presumed extinct, or even mythical! What will you find on your undersea journey?


  • Exploration of the Veiled Sea: Delve into an uncharted underwater realm, filled with mystery and wonder. Explore its depths and unravel its secrets with every dive.
  • Dynamic Discoveries: Experience a dynamic environment where each dive reveals new and unexpected wonders. The Veiled Sea is ever-changing, offering fresh discoveries and surprises with every plunge.
  • Encounter Over 500 Marine Species: Interact with a diverse array of marine life, including rare, presumed extinct, and mythical creatures. Learn about their behaviors, habitats, and unique characteristics as you immerse yourself in this vibrant ecosystem.