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Standard Edition

Pre-order* EA SPORTS™ NHL® 24 Standard Edition and receive:

  • HUT Power Up Icon Choice Pack
  • WOC Battle Pass XP Modifier (x2)

*Conditions & restrictions apply. See for details.

EA SPORTS™ NHL® 24’s all-new gameplay features bring authentic on-ice action to life. Experience the rush and fatigue of a high-pressure game with the Exhaust Engine, where sustained pressure in the attack zone leads to new game-changing effects like goalie fatigue that slows the netminder’s reaction time the more they get worn down with offensive action; change the momentum with Physics-Based Contact as you break the glass and send players into the bench with big body checks; and get unparalleled player command with the new Vision Passing System and Total Control Skill Moves. Chel is more connected than ever with cross-play in all online team play modes, along with HUT Moments, which lets you recreate classic moments in hockey history and today’s biggest plays. Adding an extra layer of authenticity, Flex Moments introduces 75+ new goal celebrations, and a wholly refreshed presentation complements an enriched crowd atmosphere that makes playing the game feel like you’re at the game.


Feel the intensity of hockey with all new gameplay features that dial up the pressure, physicality, and control of authentic on-ice action in NHL 24.


A complete revamp of the Chel gameplay experience that rewards extended offensive events and attack zone time, adding a dynamic new layer of authenticity and excitement to the game.

Sustained Pressure System

The offensive team can now earn a serious new advantage with the Sustained Pressure System. If players can keep the pressure on in the attack zone, they’ll trigger the Sustained Pressure perk, which lowers their opponent’s attributes for a limited time and opens up more room for them to move and set up plays.

Goalie Fatigue System

Thanks to the new Goalie Fatigue System, the longer you can keep up the pressure, the more tired your opponent’s goalie will get. Fatigue affects the netminder’s ability to react to shots as they get worn down over time, and upwards of 75 new goalie animations help bring this in-game storyline to life.


Overhauled physics and animations revolutionize physical contact and deliver realistic body checks like never before. New rag-doll and animation-based reactions create big moments at any point in the game. Plus, bigger checks open up more turnover opportunities, but if you don’t connect, you’ll be left out of position, adding a new layer of risk-reward gameplay. And yes, for those that like to get physical, you can now break the glass and send your opponent into the bench.


A complete refresh of the control setup makes using highlight-reel moves more intuitive and accessible. Plus, we’ve added a new ability to fake, pass, or deke out of every move, opening up a whole new level of creativity and strategy for players.


A re-mapping of face buttons to your teammates, along with new visual iconography above pass receivers, allows for more direct passing and the ability to pass anywhere at any time on the ice. In addition, One Touch Passing lets you quickly move the puck around the ice and capitalize on big opportunities by tapping the pass button as the puck is in transit. All of this empowers more creative and authentic passing exchanges.


NHL 24 sees improved cross-play capabilities that let you play with and against players across same-generation Sony and Microsoft consoles in HUT and WOC for the most connected Chel experience yet.


Updated our Human Goalie Controls makes playing goalie more accessible and intuitive. The new Tethered Control System allows you to slide back and forth to make saves and then auto-return back to a centered position, making it easier for the player to focus on the game.

 On top of the new controls, the Instinct System is a new game within the game where you can guess the location of the shot for a bonus on your save attempt—but guessing wrong increases the chance of a goal. It’s an exciting and expansive new addition for veteran goalies out there.


From the celly to the roar of the crowd and the voices in the booth, major presentation updates make the action on the ice feel like you’re in the arena and give you dynamic new ways to celebrate your goals.


The broadcast feels more alive than ever before with over 75 new goal celebration animations, new camera angles, lighting effects, and the ability for players to set their celly so they can flex how they want when they want.


This is by far the most energetic Chel crowd to date. New waves of event reactions support significant stoppages, rushes down the ice, Exhaust Engine peaks, and those dramatic comeback moments that make the arena feel alive.


New Color Commentator

Veteran broadcaster and two-time Olympic ice hockey gold medalist Cheryl Pounder has been added to the color-commentary booth. Her experienced call and high-level hockey acumen breathe new life into the moment-to-moment action.

Dynamic Rink Boards

An expansion of the augmented reality broadcast, now the rink boards are built to communicate key on-ice moments, from delayed penalties, goal summaries, stat milestones, and vanity backdrops to accentuate those big Flex Cam moments.


The Frostbite™ engine continues to power EA SPORTS NHL® 24 with unrivaled graphics upgrades for console games. From dynamic lighting to overhauled character fidelity—Frostbite helps bring the action to life.