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Shame Legacy is a first-person survival-horror set in an abandoned cultist village in the 19th century. Try to survive using stealth and escape mechanics. By solving puzzles, you will discover your connection to everything.  You wake up confused in a past equivalent to an anger management convention and quickly realize that: 1. A manhunt is taking place, 2. You are the prey they are after. Your family legacy seems to have caught up with you, but perhaps not in the way you expected. Apparently, an inheritance doesn't always mean luxury yachts. To get to the bottom of all this, you have to move quietly and avoid contact. The villagers are everywhere, looking for you. And they're damn quick if they see or hear you...

Your mental ability will be very useful to solve the puzzles. So will your staff, which will also serve as a defensive weapon to repel villagers who attack you. A very green approach to maximizing assets. Getting detected isn't the end of the world if you're fast enough and can keep your nerves at bay. Just woken up, the village doctor will have harsh things to say about your state of health and your resistance to stress. If you find yourself on the edge of the abyss, you can always find relief. Disclaimer: This is not a drug ad.