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Streets of Red : Devil's Dare Deluxe - PS4

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If a videogame wants to generate real horror for its players, it first has to give them something to care about. Arcade Beat 'Em Ups once had a natural advantage over their console cousins in that regard. After all, in-game deaths mean a lot more when your real life quarters are on the line.

Streets of Red: Devil's Dare Deluxe takes that brand of old school tension and transports it to

consoles in 2018 with an arcade-style currency system, tribute-parodies to classic horror and

videogame characters, and an ever-evolving level structure that makes every run a new experience.

Game Features

• Simple Super Smash Bros.-style controls make for easy to learn but hard to master action!

• Four Unique and two unlockable characters, each with their unique play style and


• Dynamically evolving difficulty adjusts to the number of players in game!

• Parodies of characters from Stranger Things, Rick and Morty and Attack on Titan and

many more!

• Use in-game money for upgrades or continues. Run out of quarters and your save game is

dead forever!

• Six unique playable characters and over thirteen bosses, some so big that they barely fit on